Leveraging Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™, Videology Launches Unique Predictive Targeting Solution for Industry’s Campaign Optimization Challenge

New York, February 8, 2013 — Videology — a digital advertising platform and solutions provider — announced today that it will offer a predictive targeting solution that enables advertisers to reach their intended audience as measured by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings.

While advertisers’ interest in using digital ratings for online video campaigns is growing, the industry has been challenged with a quandary:  how to target consumers based on myriad data sources derived from cookies or other third-party sources, then measure campaign performance based on age/gender criteria from a different source, such as Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings.  Nielsen uses privacy-protected data from Facebook’s roughly 160 million U.S. users to deliver age and gender demos and generate GRPs. Given the granularity and overnight delivery of data, as well as comparability with TV metrics, Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is uniquely suited for this initiative.

“Digital ratings offer an important tool for advertisers who need to look at campaign performance holistically across television and online video,” said Scott Ferber, Chairman and CEO of Videology. “To date, however, there was an inherent challenge for advertisers who wanted to use the full range of data now available to enhance their targeting on the front end, yet chose to use a GRP approach to validate on the backend.  In other words, it’s not ideal to target based on one set of data, and measure performance on a different set of data. “

Demand for digital rating is growing. According to Videology, while digital ratings were first made available last year, currently over 40% of campaigns now request digital rating verification, with the number from Q3 2102 to Q4 2012 rising approximately 50%.  Cross-screen ratings allow advertisers to control for a number of factors, including cross-device reach and frequency allocation.

“Because of the large number of advertisers interested in incorporating digital ratings into their campaigns, we needed to facilitate their use by better defining the relationship between data inputs and media outputs.  Working with Nielsen, we were able to do just that,” added Ferber.

Early case study testing showed that Videology’s new tool produced a 336% lift against the targeted demo when measured by Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings, compared to an average 116% lift achieved using high composition/scalable site targeting.  

“Television and digital video, while complementary, are not identical media.  That’s why we continually listen to and work with our clients to ensure that we’re best serving the needs of our clients across the ecosystem,” said Andrew Feigenson, Senior Vice President, Ad Platforms & Networks, Nielsen. “Companies like Videology, who are on the frontlines each day with a diverse base of multi-media advertisers, are making exciting progress in distilling a very complex ecosystem for their clients, and we’re pleased that the insights delivered by Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings are the bedrock of these innovations.”

Videology reports that it can use its optimization solution across online, Smartphones and mobile devices, and several advertisers have already committed to campaigns utilizing this new offering in Q1 2013. The company plans an international roll out of the product as Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings become available. Currently, it is available in the U.S. and U.K., with rollout into Canada and Australia expected in early 2013.  Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is now available in the U.S. and U.K. and will be expanding to additional markets in 2013.

Tommy Stalknecht

Lives in Nashville, TN

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