Videology Partners On Official Launch Of XTrader “Video Premium” Ad Exchange Platform in China

Shanghai - Today, XTrader, the largest independent third party ad exchange platform in China, announces the official launch of their Premium Video Ad Exchange Platform, in partnership with leading TV and Video software provider, Videology. There is a huge potential for growth within the programmatic advertising industry, however to date, development has been hindered by two key factors: traffic and users. XTrader’s continuing goal is to better match traffic and users to create more value for advertisers by leveraging premium traffic in a more effective way.

As part of XTraders’s ongoing mission to provide advertisers with quality inventory within the Chinese market, surfacing premium video traffic is of the uppermost priority. To speed up the progress of programmatic monetization of premium video content and to promote industry development, XTrader has officially launched its premium video ad exchange platform - “Video Premium.” This launch positions XTrader as the only third party video ad exchange to have integrated with all 12 video publishers in China.

Video Premium includes the most quality video inventories from the top five Chinese video publishers (Tencent, LeTV, Sohu, iQiyi and Youku Tudou).This product is further enhanced by leveraging XTrader’s efficient and stable real-time bidding mechanism, as well as advanced ad serving technology, utilizing special techniques aggregated from local independent third party technology partners. 

From the demand side, the first participating partners include well-known 4A advertising agency trading desks (Xaxis, Accuen and Amnet), leading local DSPs (iPinYou and YoYi), international video DSP AudienceScience, and leading international TV and Video software provider Videology.

The launch of this product will bring a number of assurances to advertisers within China. Firstly the traffic within Video Premium comes exclusively from China’s top video publishers; and secondly, the platform provides specific key advantages not found elsewhere:

  • 100% Long Form Video Pre-roll
  • Brand Safe Content (Verified by Ad Bug Pre-bid)
  • Guards Against Bot Traffic (Anti-Fraud Technology)
  • 100% Copyright Protection
  • Guaranteed Optimal Cost Per Reach and Effective Reach
  • Commitment to Open and Transparent Third Party Tracking (Miaozhen and Admaster)

Premium video inventory is highly desired by advertisers, especially those running brand awareness campaigns, with a focus on brand safety. The launch of XTrader’s Video Premium Ad Exchange Platform speeds up the programmatic progress of this resource and will further industry development in order to fully deliver the vitality and promise of programmatic advertising.





  优享从资源方汇聚了国内排名前5 的视频媒体(腾讯、乐视、搜狐、爱奇艺、优土)的最优视频资源,辅以灵集高效稳定的实时竞价程序化交易机制及领先的广告投放技术,同时集成了国内独立第三方技术合作伙伴的专项技术,充分为这一产品保驾护航。

在需求方,这一产品的首批合作伙伴有国内著名4A广告代理公司的程序化购买部门(Xaxis, Accuen、Amnet)、国内市场领先的DSP (品友互动、悠易互通)、国外优秀的视频类DSP AudienceScience和国外领先的电视和视频软件提供商Videology(佳视达)。

  • 100% 长视频前贴片流量
  • 品牌内容安全的有效保障 (Ad bug pre-bid校验)
  • 有效过滤“非人类流量”( Anti fraud技术)
  • 100%版权保障
  • 承诺最优cost per reach及有效提升到达率
  • 承诺公开透明的第三方监测 (秒针、admaster)


灵集科技是国内最大的独立第三方广告交易平台,是目前唯一第三方视频Ad Exchange,已经对接国内全部12家视频网站。


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