Videology Q3 2017 Canada Report Sees a 40% Increase in In-Demo Delivery When Using Predictive Demo Targeting

Toronto, November 13, 2017 – Videology – a leading software provider for converged TV and video advertising – today released its “Q3 2017 Canada Video Market At-A-Glance” report. The report reveals that Canadian advertisers saw a 40% increase in in-demo delivery when employing Predictive Demo Targeting in their campaigns, ahead of the Nielsen Baseline.

Improved in-demo delivery is important to advertisers as the use of demo targeting in video remains part of most brands’ video strategies. Since demo-based buying is a mainstay for TV advertising, the use of age and gender targeting in video allows marketers to plan and measure performance more holistically—increasingly important as viewing migrates across screens.

“Video’s ability to deliver precise audience segments based on a variety of data sources is certainly extremely valuable. However, this doesn’t diminish the usefulness of age/gender targeting, especially for brands with cross-screen reach objectives who are seeking to continually fill the funnel with new consumers,” said Mark McKee, EVP, Marketing & Sales, North America, Videology.

“If demo targeting is important to your brand strategy, you want to use targeting tools that can help you deliver in-demo audiences better. Period.” McKee added. “I believe that’s why we are seeing increased adoption of our Predictive Targeting capabilities.”

The report also found that 68% of campaigns ran across screens, most notably PC and Mobile—further supporting the trend toward holistic screen management. Additionally, campaigns that used mobile grew around 20% from the previous quarter.

In addition, the report found that many advertisers in Canada are choosing to use their own first-party data for targeting campaigns. In Q3 2017, the top category using first-party data in digital campaigns was Auto, followed by Health & Fitness, and Shopping.

Additional key findings of the Q3 2017 Canada report include:

  • Preferences in buying campaigns was mostly stable from the prior quarter, with most campaigns being bought on a TV-like guaranteed CPM basis.
  • Most advertisers chose view-through rate as an objective (88%), followed by viewable rate (41%), which was up 128% from last quarter.
  • For campaign targeting, advertisers are heavily using Demo and Behavioural targeting, followed by other tactics such as Geo targeting and Frequency Caps.
  • When choosing Viewability Standards, opposite from last quarter, advertisers preferred the Custom Standard (66%) over the MRC Standard (34%).
  • Finance was the top digital advertising category in Q3 2017, increasing 58% from last quarter, followed by Retail, Consumer Goods, Health & Fitness, and Automotive.
  • Similar to last quarter, when viewability was selected as a campaign objective, 83% of advertisers chose it as their secondary objective.
  • 63% of campaigns utilize 15-second spots more often than 30-second spots.

Additional details and the full report, “Q3 2017 Canada Video Market At-A-Glance,” can be found here.


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