March 22, 2017

In this platform release, the top navigation menu has been redesigned and reorganized to improve your workflow.

Also in this release, inventory owners can dive deeper into each of their placements to understand the performance of their media with Placement At-A-Glance, Videology's latest Platform Lab tool. Improvements to inventory reporting, including same-day reporting and new timezone options, will be welcome improvements to your everyday workflow.






New Platform Top Navigation

Redesigned to Improve Your Workflow

Work more efficiently using improved menus and drop-downs.

Depending on how you use the Videology platform, you will have access to four new, differentiated modules with dedicated dashboards and reporting tabs: Demand, Inventory, TV, and Admin.


New Platform Client Dropdown

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 4.12.24 PM.png


Seamlessly get to where you want to be with a new platform client dropdown option. If you’re managing multiple platform clients and have “all” platform clients selected, you're required to choose one platform client to view a report or enter a workspace. This new dropdown lets you quickly choose one.

Placement At-A-Glance

Understand Your Inventory's Performance Like Never Before

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 6.03.21 PM.png

Understand and manage your inventory more effectively with daily placement delivery stats designed for quick comprehension.

Gain insight into campaign eligibility on each placement. Understand why a campaign cannot serve.

Stay informed of specific changes, such as request volume fluctuation or house ad delivery, through custom alerts within the platform.


Dig In Deeper: Learn About Each Stat

Daily placement-level stats for inventory owners include:

  • Requests: All requests Videology is eligible to serve an impression
  • House Risk: Requests Videology will not have a creative to fill
  • Has Forecast Request Alert: If ‘True,’ hover over to understand what is occurring with the forecasted request volume for this placement
  • In Optimization: A placement contained within Videology optimization system. If not, hover over to understand why
  • Drop-off: Percentage of requests the platform responds to but does not turn into an impression
  • Avg BT Coverage%: Average percentage a request will have a BT segment associated with it (for all BTs in platform)
  • Unknown Users%: Percentage of requests containing a user not recognized by the platform

Inventory Reporting Updates

Same-day Reporting and Additional Timezone Options

Users can now pull the supply reports Topline, Auction Metrics, and Rejection for the current day. Go to the Timeframe tab within those reports to choose same-day reporting.

Additionally, choose from three new timezone options in supply reporting: Publisher Office Timezone (default), Business Region Timezone, and GMT. Easily convert reporting data from one timezone to another by selecting the new dropdown located within the Timeframe tab.

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