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The Videology Platform unifies the TV and video advertising ecosystems, and brings efficiency and value to advertisers and content owners alike.


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The Videology Platform

Videology’s global, market-leading software helps Marketers, Agencies and Media Companies manage, measure and optimize digital video and TV advertising to drive better results in today’s converged media landscape.

This specialized software was purpose-built to bring the efficiencies and intelligence of programmatic advertising to the constrained TV and premium video marketplace. Our software solves the unique challenges posed by TV and video advertising – from planning to measurement – all in one simple platform.

Our goal is simple: to deliver better programmatic cross-screen video and TV advertising opportunities for Marketers, Agencies and Media Companies.

To sum it up, our software provides you with results you can expect, guaranteed. Here’s how:



The Videology Platform allows advertisers and media companies to forecast audiences, as well as the expected demand for those audiences, over time and across devices. Based on this forecasting, optimal allocation protocols are then used to ensure that advertisers can reach their desired audiences with guaranteed volume and pricing across TV and video, and to ensure that media companies can fully monetize their total audience across devices.



Our advertising software was engineered to produce one output—guaranteed results.  So before a campaign is launched, the user chooses a given set of demand-focused or supply-focused objectives. Then, The Videology Platform automatically and continually optimizes media and data—the raw ingredients for all programmatic advertising—to meet those objectives.


Our superior performance is not predicated upon access to specific media or data—though we do believe we have access to the best of both. Rather, Videology’s ability to drive results comes from our ability to intelligently and accurately manage media and data in the increasingly complex, converging worlds of TV and video.

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what our platform can do

The Videology Platform was designed to give Advertisers, Agencies, and Media Companies what they’re looking for: certainty, reach, quality, and connections.  With access to all major data and media providers throughout the ecosystem, our advanced software offers cross-screen solutions that combat media fragmentation and drive better results – in fact, Nielsen found that we drive brand lifts 6x greater than the norms they usually see.

We think your solutions should be as unique as your challenges.  Here’s a taste of what our software can do:


Bridge the Gap Between the Online and Offline Worlds with Videology's TV Amplifier™ 

Powered by unique data relationships with Nielsen & Rentrak, the TV Amplifier™ connects TV data with specific online audiences, allowing clients to increase online exposure of unreached audiences, build effective reach, and conquest consumers exposed to competitive messaging on TV.

See how the TV Amplifier™ product drives results.



Bring the Power of Digital to the TV World with Videology's DETV™ product 

Videology’s DETV™ product allows advertisers to reach their strategic audiences with greater accuracy using 1st- or 3rd-party data, while maintaining the full scale and impact of traditional linear TV.

See how Videology's DETV™ product drives results.

Maximize Audience Value with Portfolio Management

Videology’s Portfolio Management capabilities allow media companies to maximize yield by managing a portfolio of brands across their portfolio of inventory.  For agencies and brands, the solution helps seamlessly manage a portfolio of inventory across multiple brands to drive maximum ROI.

See how Portfolio Management drives results.



Increase Demo Targeting Accuracy by more than 2x with Predictive Demo Targeting  

Videology’s Predictive Demo Targeting utilizes a unique combination of technology and proprietary data to drastically cut down on wasted impressions, with the ability to guarantee results against Nielsen DAR or comScore VCE.

See how Predictive Demo Targeting drives results.

Guarantee High Quality Impressions with Bot Fraud Protection & Viewability Controls

We offer real-time, impression-level global bot fraud prevention across any device through a direct integration with market leader White Ops. Additionally, we have industry-leading tools for planning and delivering campaigns with specific Viewability goals.

See how Bot Fraud Protection & Viewability Controls drive results.



Currently Working with Another Platform? 

Advertisers and Agencies can now get access to Videology’s outstanding results through 3rd party platforms, leveraging our software intelligence and advertiser solutions to deliver superior campaign and brand results.

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